The Problem:

In this highly competitive online world, it is often said that the biggest impact to success of an online service is the time to market. And many of the delivery issues relate to the lifecycle of DevOps and their role in service performance.

So how can we speed up DevOps and bring it closer to the real-world environment? How can you provide them with key tools like network-side scripting throughout the product life-cycle?

The Solution:

The answer is to create the production environment from Day 1 for DevOps, but to do so in a flexible and cost-effective manner.

For over 5 years now, we have helped our clients’ DevOps to be responsible for both application logic and delivery performance. Right from the start, they can develop network-side rules and apply acceleration techniques that will be deployed in production.

And how is this achieved at the right cost?

By an industry-first licensing model that lets you deploy as many instances as you wish of load balancers with advanced network-side scripting. The bandwidth license can be increased or reduced at will to allow for real world simulation and problem solving. All under your control.