The Problem:

Are all your valuable web services sat behind a single pair of expensive load balancers that are struggling to cope with the unique demands of each application?

How do you deal with a bandwidth hungry application taking resources away from mission critical services? Or an application requiring more complex traffic management rules which affects the performance of other simpler services? Are you having to direct all traffic to the single location which leads to sub-optimal routes and compromised security?

The Solution:

The solution is to provide each unique application with its own intelligent infrastructure. We call this new approach the Microservices Architecture.

Each application is served by its own intelligent load balancer stack with its unique rules, bandwidth controls and security measures – located where it makes sense rather than in one physical place.

When new services are rolled out, their load balancer stack can be deployed in minutes and tuned to their unique requirements, without affecting any other service in use. When a service ends, its resources can be returned to the pool for allocation elsewhere.

While these load balancer stacks are distributed throughout the organisation including DevOps, test and production - anywhere in the world - they are capable of being managed centrally.