The Problem:

Does your site have to cope with 2x, 3x, 4x traffic spikes? Are you concerned about your high value clients suffering from a poor service when these spikes occur?

You have launched a new product/service and spent a lot of marketing £. Pity your site cannot cope with the huge attention the campaign has generated. Or if you are in online media, you do not have the luxury to prepare for good/bad news that cripples your site!

Are you a victim of your success?

The Solution:

Many of our clients face the challenge of having to cope with huge spikes, predictable or not. It is their business after all.

We have helped them achieve intelligent traffic management. They benefit from:

  • Early detection of traffic spikes
  • Automatic rules that prioritise important clients and high value services while limiting those that can wait
  • Techniques that reduce the impact of high traffic swamping their servers, so they can do more with less
  • Techniques that reduce download times and achieve the best user experience, even under heavy traffic spikes