The Problem:

You have a successful online business. But there are bad people out there who wish to take your service down for whatever reason. How can you detect when this is happening? How can you tell the difference between the bad people and the good ones? How will you protect your services?

The Solution:

Intelligent detection and service protection; these are the benefits of Dynamic Blacklisting.

We developed the Dynamic Blacklisting technology from 14+ years of experience working with challenging online services (e.g. in the gaming/gambling industry) where key events generate most profits but are clear targets for DDoS and other application attacks.

Dynamic Blacklisting can detect when traffic levels rise extraordinarily and differentiate the machine-based attacks from genuine clients. By applying heuristic methods, a protection policy is achieved in real time and these attacks dealt with.

Dynamic Blacklisting can re-base and learn when the traffic patterns change over time.